fast as you can

I'm Heather & this is my corner of non-linear, mostly TV obsessed thoughts.

Spoilers are life ruiners. THEY RUIN LIVES.

tv fanatic - current: fringe, parks & rec, pretty little liars, vampire diaries,the good wife, mad men, grey's anatomy, justified, new girl, breaking bad, happy endings, cougar town, sons of anarchy, suits, 30 rock, the walking dead
gone: buffy, lost, fnl, gilmore girls, arrested dev, vm, angel, alias, felicity, himym, spn, roswell, dawson's creek, the west wing, parenthood, bsg, firefly, the x-files, twin peaks, white collar, community, doctor who, glee, downton abbey, the big c, luther, weeds, greek, revenge

ships - Really, I'll ship almost anyone together but here are my ♥: buffy/spike, olivia/peter, jim/pam, pacey/joey, rory/jess, tim/lyla, juliet/sawyer, leslie/ben, coach/tami, lorelai/luke, veronica/logan, caroline/everyone, mark/lexie, alicia/will, hanna/caleb, meredith/derek, spencer/toby

other tumblelogs: pretty movies are pretty. fuckyeah lost picspams

my stuff: 1 2 3 formerly heather-is-a-b (among others)
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